I had several questions when I had started to think about porting my indie game Falling OutHow much does Console Porting for Indies cost? Can I port it myself? I had settled that I wanted to do the Switch port myself, fully knowing that the optimizations I’ve done on that platform, the other platforms would also benefit from. I’ve always loved having a restricted device and improving frame rates. This love for optimizations started back when I was working on Nokia n-gage games, followed by iOS and Android casual games.

For Falling Out, me and my publisher had decided to go with a 3rd party porting for Playstation and Xbox ports, as time was of the essence. Since I love optimizations and love learning new things, after the launch of my game, I was curious if I could do the ports for Playstation and Xbox myself even though I didn’t have access to the code done by the porting company. So first I did the re-ports of Playstation and now I’m doing the Xbox re-ports.

After this experience, I came to conclusion that I can offer a better porting service to help indies like myself get their game on more platforms, including:
giving indies access to any porting code done, and thus the possibility of doing patches themselves, and
– if they still would like me to do the patches, it would not cost an arm and a leg!

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